Ms. Chandra Cooper is the Founder and Executive Director  of Grateful Girls, Inc. She is. a Christian woman whom is committed to using her talents and abilities as a means to strengthen her community. Chandra owns several businesses which include a communications/entertainment company  Chandra’s strong faith in God contributes to her drive and integrity. Ms. Cooper is active in her local church and participates in church special projects. 


Chandra is also an advocate for young women. Inspired by the negative statistics affecting young girls in the Milwaukee area, Ms. Cooper began an organization called Grateful Girls, Inc. The organization is designed to provide support and education to young women between the ages of 12-25. “I understand that one of the most pivotal times during a women’s life is between the ages 12-25. Our aim is to provide enough support for young women so they don’t fall victim to the negativity in our community,” says Chandra. Grateful Girls, Inc. provides tools such as mentoring, social services and volunteer work to foster successful God-fearing women. 


Mojo Communications Group, Inc. was established in 2009 by CEO/President Chandra Cooper. Ms. Cooper has more than ten years experience in television reporting. She knows how to execute a compelling story idea that will captivate the target audience. She also understands what drives news coverage and how stories are birthed and executed. The knowledge she gained from her experience with reporting has laid down the foundation for her communications/entertainment firm. As the CEO/President of Mojo Communications Group, Inc., she uses her experience with communications to generate and create opportunities for her cliental in the entertainment and corporate sectors.


Ms. Cooper operated one daycare center called Bright Beginnings Children’s Center. The daycare provides the fundamental needs for children and families within the local area. The daycare center is located in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. The business has been operating since 2005 with the focus on stability and growth during a changing industry. Each employee is trained on company guidelines and state regulations. Ms. Cooper and her staff work closely with the community and parents to ensure that the center is providing the necessary needs of children from 2 weeks to 12 years of age.  

Ms. Cooper holds a B.A. in Marketing Communications, and Masters Degree in professional counseling from Concordia University. She is a member of various local Milwaukee organizations and national organizations.